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3d Animation

Pre Production

Before time and effort are spent setting up a shot, it is important to discuss and plan, based on the message you have in mind and the audience you are reaching out to. We want to get animations right the first time! Questions to consider can include how long will the animation be? What will be the medium of consumption? Television? Smart phone? All of the above?


The screen(s) we will be presenting the graphics on are like a digital canvas. Like a painting or a photograph, correct placement of elements in the scene is important to giving it a cinematic feel. Optimal composition can change based on the dimensions of the final output as well.


Lighting helps the final shot to look natural and professional, giving an ethereal feel to the shot. Other great post production effects can enhance realism, such as using motion blur and the very popular shallow depth of field effect.


I have a great collection of royalty free sound effects that can give your animated graphics a high tech feel, such as whooshes, bass drops, slams, and atmospheric effects, to name just a few! Sound can have a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of the visual effects.




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