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Graphic Design

3d models, typography, and other elements can be laid out into a striking composition, for use as a social media ad or for final print output. Be sure to check out our gallery of posters for samples of still media layouts.

Any idea you have can be constructed with the capabilities offered by today's advanced 3d software. A model can be constructed with all of the components necessary to convey the functionality of the design to your audience.

Once the parts of your model are constructed, one part of bringing it to life is by setting the individual components into motion. This kinetic form of communication can often hold your audience's attention longer than a static graphic.

Post Production

Using a fine-tuned, customized selection of video effects and subsequent computer processing (called rendering), this is where graphics and video get a superb, polished look and feel. Examples of post production include compositing 3d animations into video that has already been filmed, followed by color treatment to set a mood such as cheeriness, dreaminess, or suspense.




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